How does power flushing work?

Power flushing works by connecting a pump usually across the tails of a radiator or across the standard circulator pump couplings. Once the pump is connected water is then pumped through the central heating system at high velocity loosening debris, sludge, lime scale and corrosion deposits. This process is continued in reverse direction to help loosen further. The system is then flushed through with clean water and the unwanted debris purged from the system.

At the end of the process your central heating system only contains the clean fresh water improving the overall efficiency of your central heating system, saving you money in the long run on bills and potentially costly repairs. Turn your old central heating system into something more ECO friendly and save £££’s on your bills!

Across the UK there are many thousands of central heating systems that have become very inefficient. The accumulation of black iron oxide in a system that manifests itself as ‘black sludge’ can result in many problems that can be very expensive to put right. Advanced power flushing technology can help to keep central heating systems working at optimum efficiency by cleansing the system and radiators of any sludge deposits that have built up over time, while leaving them protected against future damage. Flushing your heating system will reduce your fuel bills and ensure increased circulation of heat and hot water around your property.

Power Flushing

Heating system slow to warm up?
Unfamiliar boiler noises?
Radiators unevenly heated?
Radiators in need of frequent bleeding?
Repeated pump failure?
Pinhole radiator leaks?
Recent new boiler installation?
If you have answered yes to any of the above your system may well benefit from a power flush.

There are a number of benefits of using power flushing to clean and cleanse your central heating system; ultimately saving you money on your bills and expensive boiler repair costs in the future.

Just look at the advantages:

Better circulation and flow
Restores system efficiency
Quicker heat up time
Quieter system
Restores heat output to radiators
Removes debris collected in pipework
No more cold spots on radiators
Save up to 25% on your bills
Protection against rust and lime scale
Cleans whole system and under floor pipework
Minimize boiler warranty problems
Process usually carried out within 1 day
Better than traditional cleaning methods

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